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Henna Tattoo FAQ

When are you available for henna tattoos?

Henna appointments are available…

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How much will it cost?

Henna pricing depends on the size and intricacy of the design.

I offer four booking price points for henna designs.

15 Minutes for $30
This time slot works well for…

  • One person maximum.
  • Nice sized design on one hand.
  • Very small designs on two hands.




30 Minutes for $50
This time slot works well for…

  • One to three people maximum.
    The more people, the smaller and less detailed the designs.
  • Perfect for two nice sized hand designs.
  • Good starting point for shoulder henna.



45 Minutes for $70
This time slot works well for…

  • One to four people maximum.
    The more people, the smaller and less detailed the designs.
  • Perfect for more intricate work or work that extends above the wrist.
  • Two nicely designed hands or feet.
  • Very simple belly (pre-natal) henna (this is not enough time for a full belly).
  • Good for medium intricacy back designs.



60 Minutes for $90
This time slot works well for…

  • One to four people maximum
    The more people, the smaller and less detailed the designs.
  • Perfect for two intricate hands or less intricate hands but above the wrist
  • Great for two simple hands and feet or for two simple hands; tops and palms
  • Moderate belly (pre-natal) henna.
  • Moderate back designs



All appointments come with a 5 minute consultation added to the appointment itself. You should assume you will be at the henna studio for 10-15 minutes longer than your scheduled appointment for consultation and payment.

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Do I have to wear specific clothing or otherwise prepare for henna?

Avoid and oils or lotions on the area you want hennaed.
Arrive with clean oil-free skin.

If you use a heavy body butter, avoid using it a day or two BEFORE your henna appointment. Body butters can take some time to clear out the skin cells. Henna requires clean dry skin for the best color.

Avoid self tanners in the area to be hennaed. Henna has trouble bonding to skin cells that have self tanner.

Wear comfortable clothing that will expose the area of the body that you want hennaed. Remember, henna will stain clothing along with your skin.

If you are doing henna on your feet consider wearing thin-strap flip flops that I can henna around, so you don’t have to leave the studio barefoot.

If you are doing tummy tuck scar coverage or belly henna consider wearing a loose dress with a pair of shorts under it. You can pull up the dress and lower the shorts while I work. Once the henna is set, you can carefully put the dress back down without harming your henna.

What’s in your henna? Is henna safe?

YES, my henna is absolutely safe! I mix my henna myself and only use safe ingredients that add to the henna stain. My henna leaves a natural red/brown stain and takes a couple days to darken (one of the marks of safe henna).

Allergies to natural henna are very rare. Check the henna ingredient list below to be sure you are not sensitive to any ingredients in my henna.

Henna Ingredients:
ORa organic henna powder, lemon juice, sugar, lavender essential oil, tea tree essential oil

Anytime you get henna from ANYONE, your henna artist should always tell you what is in their henna, the henna should never be black, and the color should need some time to develop from orange to red/brown.

Learn More About Henna Safety Here

How long will the henna tattoo last and what color will it be?

The color an longevity of a henna tattoo depends on a number of factors including low long you leave the paste on your skin, what part of the body you decorate, the cleanliness of the area, your skin chemistry, and how you care for your henna.

Henna starts off orange and darkens over 2-3 days to red/brown color. The hands and feet get the darkest color and the further away from those areas you get, the lighter the stain.

Generally you can expect good color for 5-10 days and all traces of henna will be gone in 1-3 weeks. The best color is 2-3 days AFTER the henna is applied.

The life of a henna stain color

The final color you get will depend on all the factors I listed above.

How Do I care for my henna tattoo?

  • Keep the paste on as long as possible, ideally 4 hours or more.
  • Avoid water for as long as possible (try to avoid water for the rest of the day).
  • Keep the skin warm while the henna paste is on the skin.

The longer you keep the henna paste in contact with your skin, the darker and longer lasting your henna tattoo stain. The longer you avoid water, the better the henna will oxidize.

Henna is a permanent stain. The henna doesn’t fade away, your skin cells exfoliate off, thus “fading” the henna. Anything you do that is exfoliating will fade your henna. This includes swimming, cleaning chemicals, facial scrubs, and anything else that exfoliates the skin.

Can I see samples of your work?

Sure! There are the samples above, but you can also visit our Instagram and Facebook for more pictures.

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What kind of henna designs can I have?

You can have nearly anything you want! For the most part, I do all custom one-of-a-kind work. I like to get an idea of the style you like and create something just for you.

You are welcome to request something specific or just use something as inspiration. Email the design to me,, when you make your appointment if you want something specific.

Does henna have to be on my hands or feet?

Henna takes best on the hands and feet, but can be done anywhere on the body; back, shoulder, belly, arms, or legs. For the best color choose below the elbow and below the knee. You are welcome to select other areas of the body, but be aware you will get substantially lighter stains on the chest, back, or belly areas.

How can I learn more about henna?

Check out our Learn To Henna page for information about henna classes and the free Henna Learning Center.

Who Is My Henna Artist?

Professional Orlando Henna Artist

All henna appointments are with me, Jody. I have been doing henna since 1999 and I’ve been teaching henna since 2004. I am a professional mehndi artist, not a hobbyist. I KNOW henna!

All the pictures on this site are of my actual work, so you can be confident of the quality of henna you will receive.

I personally mix the henna paste that I’ll be using on you. A professional henna artist should be mixing their own henna paste.



Need henna at another time or place?

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